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Flight Ventures Aviation Academy was founded on the belief that flight training should reflect real-world experience and not just what's required legally to become a pilot. We have crafted a program that incorporates real-world conditions and experiences so our students leave us with the highest skill sets we can provide.

Our 2 story campus is comprised of 6,500 square feet of classroom space facing the runway and 12,000 square feet of hangar space.

Our training area is adjacent to the airport which means more time spent learning.


You want to learn from a school that maintains the highest level of safety standards throughout your flight training. At Flight Ventures Aviation Academy, your safety is always the top priority. 


Our staff and instructors are hand-picked by our CEO Christopher Haug and must meet the highest industry standards.

Complete training

Choose from a full set of pilot training courses and options including, private, commercial, instrument, CFI, CFII, MEI, ATP, add-ons, Fixed-wing and helicopter flight simulators, and advanced flight training.

Get in the action

Benefit from exposure to the diverse daily helicopter operations of Flight Ventures Aviation Academy, and a French Valley (F70 Airport) training environment.

Training options

Flight Ventures Aviation Academy offers Part 61 training. This a more flexible, less rigid type of training.

Reach your goals, realize your dreams

Have concrete aviation goals? This school will help you achieve them. Not 100% sure yet? Why not schedule an introductory flight lesson?  This is a cost-effective way to actually fly a helicopter or one of our airplanes – and make sure it’s something your want to pursue, prior to enrollment.

Train with the best

All of our helicopter and fixed-wing flight instructors are carefully selected and adhere not only to the high standards in our industry but the additional standards of Flight Ventures Aviation Academy.

Flight simulator

A state-of-the-art helicopter and fixed-wing flight simulators let you fly in multiple cities, across different weather conditions and environments.

Financing options

Flight Ventures Aviation Academy offers you various options to finance your helicopter or fixed-wing flight training.

Our Story

Let’s Work Together

37350 Sky Canyon Dr Murrieta Ca 92563

Tel: 833-484-3759 - 833-4THESKY

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