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Cicare' SVH4 Trainer

Flight Ventures Aviation Academy is the only flight school in the USA that has the Cicare' SVH-4 trainer helicopter. We also are the only flight school in the USA that is allowed by the FAA to use this helicopter in flight training and log the time as actual flight time. Allowing our students to gain the fundamentals of helicopter operations in a safe, controlled environment. See the video below for more information.

2022-09-06 (12).png

Our FAA Certified Cicare' Trainer allows you to start flying in a safe controlled environment. Your instructor is monitoring your every move via an iPad and can control the helicopter and even land it with a push of a button. This allows you to learn the basic maneuvers of flight in the safest possible way all while under the close supervision of your flight instructor.

Call now to set up a discovery flight and learn how Flight Ventures can help you achieve your dreams

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