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Is a Commercial Pilot a Good Career Path Post-Pandemic?

Updated: Sep 7, 2022

The pandemic rocked the world, but fortunately, most of the changes weren’t permanent. Many jobs are back, and that includes commercial pilots.

Let’s explore some benefits of pursuing a commercial pilot career in this new post-pandemic world.

The travel industry may have grounded to a halt at the start of the pandemic, but as destination places have reopened and normal life has resumed, people are itching to travel again.

McKinsey, in a summer 2021 report, predicted a “travel boom.” Even in the report, McKinsey questions whether the airline shortages will be able to accommodate demand.

If you enroll in commercial pilot training now, you could help usher in this resurgence of travel for people all over the world.

You’ll also appreciate the job stability of being a commercial airline pilot.

Whether for work or pleasure (and sometimes both), the trends from the last section show that people will want to continue flying for a long time to come based on historical data.

That means your industry will stay stable. Even as technology evolves, nothing can replace a commercial pilot’s skills and human intuition.



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